All I Want For Christmas Is A Primary Care Doctor That Actually Cares!

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November 18, 2020
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All I Want For Christmas Is A Primary Care Doctor That Actually Cares!

Primary Care

Happy holidays to all of our patients from your healthcare providers and staff here at Innova Primary Care. As we close out 2020, a year none of us saw coming, we cannot help but convey our thanks to all of you. It is our privilege to serve the residents of Huntsville, AL, and surrounding areas. We know that 2020 has been a year like no other. So many of us have faced challenges the likes of which we have never seen. Please know that our patients’ health and well-being are always a the forefront of our minds. We earnestly care for every person we serve, and we hope that you notice the difference from the moment you step into our doors.

Do you feel like your primary care doctor cares for you?

While we acknowledge that how patients perceive their healthcare is more than an emotion, it is important to note that when patients do not feel cared for, they are willing to walk away from their physicians. Over ninety-percent of patients say that they will look for new care when they do not feel like the care they receive from their current physician is satisfactory. One in four patients reports that they do not believe their physicians even care for them. Innova Primary Care believes this is unacceptable. Every patient deserves to feel and believe that their PCP (primary care physician) supports their well-being and health. For even one patient to think otherwise will not do. More than ever, patients are informed about their choices and willing to look elsewhere if they are not content with the care they currently receive.

Healthcare is more than an emotion. But, it is important to note that when patients do not feel cared for, they are willing to walk away from their physicians. Over ninety-percent of patients say that they are will look for new care when they are dissatisfied with the care they receive from their current physicians.

Primary Care

Many reasons contribute to patient dissatisfaction

We cannot solve them all, but we can make strides to change the current climate. Why is it that so many patients feel like they do not matter to their doctors? This is a question we do not take lately. According to a recent West Study, there is a wide disconnect between physicians and their patients regarding what constitutes a satisfactory experience. In fact, 1 out of every 5 patients surveyed felt their own physician was not interested in improving their health. Patients who feel like they matter to their physicians are more likely to follow through on treatment protocols. They are also more likely to attend follow up appointments, and even lower their chances of emergency room visits.

Since we know that patients’ satisfaction, a direct result of how cared for they feel in their individual healthcare environment, makes a tremendous impact on health, why is the healthcare system still emphasizing things that do not make a difference?

What is it that patients are really looking for?


Patients desire a personal touch. Now more than ever, patients are educated consumers and treat their healthcare team much like a business. They want access to information. They want to be heard. Patients also desire a collaborative experience with their physicians.

Patient-centered care is at the heart of all we do at Innova. We know that patients who play an instrumental role in their healthcare decision are more likely to follow through with recommendations. There is incredible value to listening, but we also know that commutation is vital for all we serve. An informed patient is capable of making the best choices for their care.

We also recognize that everyone comes from different places and varying backgrounds with experiences that define who we are and how we receive care. Innova Primary Care places a premium on the individual experiences of each of our patients. We know there is no one size fits all approach to medicine.

Quality primary care involves multiple factors

At Innova, we do not believe in prescribing unnecessary testing, nor do we think that overmedication is ever the answer and research shows that patients feel the same. Patients do not want to be prescribed medications that are not heavily researched and proven effective.


Patients desire the ability to get appointments sooner rather than later. This means readily available same-day sick appointments for the days when life hits hard. Did you know that Innova Primary Care offers same-day sick appointments you can book directly from our website? If you do not find a time that meets your needs, you can always contact our offices via the telephone or our online portal.

Patients also want convenient hours for appointments and an easily accessible location. Again, Innova Primary Care meets this need with a caring staff and readily available appointments. A member of our staff is always available after hours to consult with you and help you determine the best course of action for your needs.

Primary Care

Communication is a key aspect of patient care

Communication is powerful in medicine. Everyone wants to experience understanding, and this is absolutely the case in healthcare. Patients want their providers to work with them to decide the best treatment options. Communicating information with patience and kindness also tops the list of patient desires.

A clearly defined treatment plan that allows patients to know where they are and where they are headed also tops the list. Patients need the security of knowing what is next for them and they also genuinely want to know their healthcare providers.

Patients need support from their primary care providers

All the communication and convenience in the world can never replace the significance of a strong support system for patients. Patients often need assistance navigating the complexities of the healthcare system. Primary care physicians can care for their patients by assisting them in this manner. Many patients need additional financing options or help with insurance claims. These are just a few ways providers can provide support as well.

Support can also look like helping to meet the social needs of patients and their caregivers. Primary care physicians serve as gatekeepers to care and can be an invaluable resource for support.

You deserve to feel like your primary care physician cares for you and your health.

The truth is patients deserve to experience compassionate care from their primary care physicians. It is easy to feel like just another number in medicine. But you are not. Your experience is uniquely your own, and Innova Primary Care is where to walk with you through each phase of your health journey. We are committed to changing healthcare from the inside out, and this starts with the patient-physician relationship. If you do not feel like your physician cares for you, perhaps it is time for a change.

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