We are your doctor’s office that is responsive, respectful and available to care for you when you need to be heard.

Our purpose: Glorify God by promoting dignity and excellence in healthcare. Change the world.

Innova Primary Care is mending people, mending standards: we believe caring for our patients goes hand-in-hand with caring for the healthcare systems of which they’re a part. This means ensuring you, the patient, are not burdened by those systems, nor are you burdening them. This also means speaking truth to power when these healthcare systems mishandle their duty as ancillary arms of aid and relief to providers and patients, alike. Reform happens from the inside. It’s why our name, Innova, means ‘renew.’ We strive to renew each of our guests with a whole-person approach to wellness focusing on their physical, mental and emotional wellness.

We are Accessible.  We listen.  We are Responsive. 

Care Team Approach:

We use a care team approach to be able to be accessible and responsive to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  

You’ll be assigned to both a Physician and a Nurse Practitioner who work together to oversee your healthcare needs.  Depending on your medical conditions, you may also be assigned a nurse to your care team as well.  Your care team collaborates daily to ensure you have the best and most responsive care. 

OUR VISION: Mending People. Mending Standards.

OUR MISSION: Transforming Healthcare one guest at a time. 

OUR CORE VALUES: Positive Energy, Embrace Change, Go Above and Beyond, Growth Mindset, Safe & Efficient.


“Hands down the best primary care practice I have been to. They have set the gold standard.”

“From the moment I applied to be a new patient, to the point I had my first appointment, I was extremely impressed! Everyone was very helpful and kind. The office is extremely clean, and the staff is very thorough and listened to every concern. Highly highly recommend! I truly felt heard and cared for. They told me about a possible issue I might have that connected a lot of dots in my health and I’m extremely grateful! It could possibly have lead to some more serious things had we not caught it now. ”