Shouldn’t You Be At The Center Of Patient-Centered Healthcare

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Shouldn’t You Be At The Center Of Patient-Centered Healthcare

Patient-Centered Healthcare

Call us crazy, but we think a patient-centered practice comprised of a collaborative effort between patients and providers is essential. However, it would seem that not every health care provider feels the same. Have you ever left an appointment with your physician wondering if they even noticed you were in the room? Do endless paperwork and repeat calls that end on hold for astronomical periods of times seem the norm for you? Innova Primary Care believes that patients are best served when they are at the center. Research from West on Prioritizing the Patient Experience shows otherwise. Less than fifty-percent of surveyed doctors’ say that “creating a positive patient experience is their top priority. “It is no wonder that one out of every five patients feels like their physician is not dedicated to improving their health.

This disconnect between providers and patients leads to missed appointments, fear, and disillusionment on the part of those seeking medical help. Patients want care that puts them at the forefront, and when they do not feel satisfied with the care they are receiving, they leave. At Innova, we treat our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve and seek to create an environment that fosters authentic relationships between our physicians and AMRPs and those we serve.

Patient Centered Healthcare

We want those we serve to feel valued.

The purpose of client-centered care is to empower patients. The center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science says it quite well:

“Patient-centered care is the practice of caring for patients (and their families) in ways that are meaningful and valuable to the individual patient. It includes listening to, informing and involving patients in their care.”

Patient-centered care is an approach to medicine that takes into account all aspects of the person. Mutual respect and partnership between provider and patient drive this model, and we strive to be a health care practice that creates this environment for those we serve.

Do you feel valued with your current health care provider? Do you feel heard? Does your physician honor your wishes? Is your treatment coming from a place of respect? If not, it may be time to consider another health care establishment.

In years past, the physician-centered model ruled the day. Under this model, the considerations of the patient are rarely taken into account. Patients are expected to blindly follow the advice of their doctors without question. We don’t think this is a strategy that leads to well-being. You have the right to ask questions and seek information. How can you tell if involved in a patient-centered practice?

Ask yourself if your current care team treats you like a person. If you don’t feel confident in speaking your mind, asking questions, or feel like you have no say in your care, chances are you are not at a patient-centered practice. It is all too easy for physicians to see their patients as their conditions and not as unique individuals with concerns, fears, questions, and more. Patient-centric doctors take your whole experience into account. They don’t just look at your symptoms or diagnosis. They actually talk with you (not to you) and have a big-picture approach to your care.

Patients desire a partnership with their providers rooted in communication. When a patient feels like a valued member of the team, they are more likely to follow treatment protocols, follow-up with their health care team, and experience higher rates of satisfaction. When patients feel like they have a say in their care, they feel empowered. Partnership cultivates relationship. In a patient-centered practice, your physician openly and honestly communicates with you and, when necessary, offer all treatment options available including benefits and risks. Mutual respect drives a patient-centered approach.

As a patient, you have a wealth of experience to bring to the table. You know yourself better than anyone else. Our staff will bring our expertise, compassion, and respect to your care. As the patient in patient-centric care, there are things you can do to further foster the physician/patient relationship.

Patient Centered Healthcare

An empowered patient advocates for their needs.

One of the ways we encourage our patients to be active participants is through patient empowerment. What does this mean? We do not expect you to take a passive role in your care. This is a collaborative effort which means that you have much to offer. What can you do to be an active participant in your care?

  1. Be honest

We cannot give you the best care if you are not honest about your symptoms, feelings, concerns, etc. 

  1. Ask questions

Have you ever left a doctor’s visit and felt overwhelmed with information? Were you left to sort through pamphlets and decipher medical jargon? We never want you to leave an appointment confused. This is why we encourage all of our patients to ask questions. You need to know and understand the treatments you are prescribed and why. If you do not know, ask. Please.

  1. Do your research

An informed patient will take a more active role in their care. It is our job to work with you to determine the best course of action for your needs, but we encourage our patients to research on their own. We want you to feel empowered to make decisions.

  1. Take medications and follow treatments as prescribed

In this instance, remember that you’ve openly and honestly worked with your physician to create a treatment protocol that aligns with your whole self. You only do yourself harm when you do not follow recommendations.

The physicians and nurse practitioners here at Innova Prime value your input. We support self-advocacy and hope that you feel permitted to speak your mind. We want to meet your needs right where you are. If you are currently seeking health care, we hope that you will consider Innova Primary Health Care for your needs. Let’s work together for your health.

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