It is incredibly easy to say you want to improve Healthcare, it’s another thing to actual do it. There are multiple elements that contribute to effective care, and frankly, many ways to achieve a desirable outcome. But what does this look like from a practical hometown perspective? When you walk through the doors of Innova Primary Care, we hope that you see the difference. We strive to connect with our patients in real and tangible ways that affect positive change in their lives. After all our name, Innova, stands for renew, and this is what we bring to each and every encounter we have with our patients.

Improve Healthcare

Improve Healthcare From Within

We earnestly believe this. While a snazzy location and a carefully curated presence may bring people to the building, if the care they receive is not rooted in trust, empathy, compassion, and comprehensive collaborative approach, the chances are the patient will leave. In fact, many do. Research suggests shows an overwhelming percentage of dissatisfied patients will not hesitate to look for care somewhere else. According to a study on patient satisfaction, eighty-eight percent say they would seek care from another physician if they were not content with their care. This is no secret to providers either. Over eighty percent of healthcare providers surveyed recognize and believe that their patients will seek care elsewhere.

It is no wonder so many patients are fed up. There is a belief among many patients that healthcare providers do not genuinely care about them. This is true for twenty-five percent of the population. Astoundingly, one-fifth of all patients do not believe that their healthcare provider focuses on health improvement. If this doesn’t ring alarm bells, we honestly do not know what will.

So many Americans worry that their provider does not have their best interests at heart. This has to change. There is an astounding disconnect between the amount of money spent on healthcare in the United States, roughly 3.5 trillion dollars in 2017 alone, and our nation’s ranking on key indicators of care worldwide. With the cost of care averaging out to over $10,000 per person per year, the financial impact of quality care has fallen under great scrutiny. How does this impact health overall?

Improve Healthcare

The High Cost of Care

Many individuals forego care because they are fearful of costs. Survey results from 2019 show that close to three million Americans borrowed ten thousand dollars or more to help pay for care. Almost fifty percent of the population is afraid they are only one major health event away from bankruptcy. Financial concerns led millions of American adults with a health issue to NOT seek care while fifteen million people did not fill their prescriptions due to costs.

Another issue permeating healthcare is insurance, but perhaps not what you think. Recent survey data shows that the percentage of Americans with coverage is up thanks in part to expansions to Medicaid and the ACA. Data from Get America Covered even shows that a majority of those covered are pleased with their insurance plan as a whole. While this is certainly good news, the frustration often lies with insurance comprehension. The reality is, many people just do not understand insurance terminology. This often leads to confusion over medications and treatment protocols, what’s covered and what isn’t.

Inflated pricing, insurance coverage confusion, a lack of trust in and confidence in care all mean that we must do better. It is well and good to state a problem, but what is Innova Primary Care doing to improve healthcare in Huntsville? We believe it all comes down to values. What you believe will determine what you do and, in return, how you treat those around you. Our mission is to mend people and the standards of care that make up the healthcare system at large. We have a set of core values that govern all that we do for our patients, our care team, and the community at large. Our commitment to renewing healthcare from the inside out means that we do things differently. We believe in patient-centered care and personal responsibility for our physicians and those we serve.

Positive Energy

This isn’t just a concept. Positive energy and thinking leads to a growth mindset and can create change. A study by a positive psychology researcher, Barbara Fredrickson, shows just how important positivity is for your mind and its impact on daily life.

Those who embrace positive emotions experience can lead to something referred to as the “broaden and build” theory. The positive emotions one experiences can create a foundation for future learning and, in turn, create resources and new skills.

We bring positivity into all of our encounters at Innova. We know that when patients receive compassionate positive care, they are more likely to take ownership of their health, follow treatment protocol, engage with their provider, just to name a few.

Embrace Change

Now more than ever, the ability to embrace change is crucial. Innova Primary Care knows that the world is constantly shifting, and we have the choice to remain the same or create systems that work with the current climate.

You can trust that you will ALWAYS receive the highest standard of care with us, but you can also rest assured that we will continually modify and update our methods to be a part of the change in healthcare we long to see.

Go Above and Beyond

You, the patient, are more than a statistic here. We value relationships. We practice medicine because we see healthcare as a calling. In this vein, we will always go above and beyond to serve our patients and our community.

From digital platforms and communication systems to accessibility and time spent with patients, we will always do our best to serve you.

Safe and Efficient

Have you ever had to wait long past your appointment time to be seen? What happens when you finally reach the treatment room? Do you wait again? This is not efficient. Your time is valuable.

How do you communicate with your provider beyond a phone call? How long does it take to make an appointment? Efficiency matters to us. This is why we have an online portal, offer same-day and weekend appointments, and have an open line of communication with those we serve.

We follow protocols such as washing our hands at all times and taking protective measures that ensure your privacy. We know that you trust our care team to put your best interests to the forefront, and this is exactly what we do with all of our patients, every single time. Your health matters to us, but so does your peace of mind. We have systems in place to protect both of these things and act accordingly.

Innova Primary Care will continue to serve our community, as we always have, with integrity, professionalism, and a commitment to our patients. If you want to improve healthcare in Huntsville you’ve got to do things differently, and this is exactly what we are doing.