Introducing A New Huntsville Physician – Dr. Kelly Diaz

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April 24, 2019
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Introducing A New Huntsville Physician – Dr. Kelly Diaz

Dr. Kelly Diaz - Innova Primary Care

What does great healthcare look like to you? How do you know that your needs are being met at the deepest level and that the care you are receiving is in your best interests Innova Primary Care values the patient above all else? We know that your health is one of your top concerns and this is why we go the extra mile every single day. Your Huntsville physician should strive to create a patient/provider relationship that puts you at the center. Why? Because your story matters. Your health is incredibly personal and how you receive the care you need makes a difference.

On that note, we are proud to announce our new Huntsville physician, Dr. Kelly Diaz.

Dr. Diaz comes to Huntsville after obtaining her degree in medicine at the Vanderbilt. Her residency was completed at the UAB Huntsville Family Medicine Residency Program. While there, she won the prestigious Outstanding Teaching Resident in 2018. Dr. Diaz will be accepting new patients at Innova Primary Care in July of 2019. We always strive to create the best health care experience for our patients and with this in mind, we welcome Dr. Diaz to the practice.

Today’s health care consumers are highly intelligent and involved in their care. They seek knowledge and value transparency from their health care providers. They are tech savvy and seek services that are personalized and do not compromise on standards of care. As such, health care is seeing a shift in the way services are provided. This is something that sets Innova Primary Care apart from other practices in the Huntsville, AL area. We are a patient-centered practice that is capable of creating an individualized care plan for the purposes of making you, the customer, an empowered patient.

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According to the Health Research Institute at PwC, patients value the following patient experiences most:

  1. Convenience

Convenience can mean many things to many people. With regard to the health care experience, consumers want ease. They do not want to spend countless hours in waiting rooms just for test results or bill payment. They want to connect quickly and easily to their health care providers. For example, consumers have high expectations for convenience when it comes to location and hours of availability. They also want easy access to their health care provider. Did you know that at Innova Primary Care, your nurse practitioner is available for same day visits and treat your chronic conditions as well? 

  1. Quality

Today’s patients want the assurance that the medical professionals in charge of their care are prescribing the most the best drugs for their needs. They want their providers to be up to date on the latest medical research and trends and act accordingly. They don’t want unnecessary procedures and they want to be treated in modern facilities that cater to today’s connected way of life.

  1. Support

Support can come in many forms. Whether it be mental, emotional, even physical support, patients have come to expect assistance from their providers. Many patients, for example, face an overwhelming diagnosis and do not know how to navigate today’s complex health care environment. They need assistance from their primary providers.

Support may look like help with medication management, insurance assistance, or simply providing extra time so that a person feels heard in their hour of need.

Patient Consult

  1. Personalization

PwC notes that patients want a medical team that is attentive to their individual needs. Naturally, this will look different for each patient because everyone is unique. However, personalization all means open communication and assistance when needed. This may look like medication reminders or even information about services that may be needed later on.

  1. Communication

An open line of communication is at the heart of all we do at Innova Primary Care and it is also one of the top 5 expectations of patients according to recent research. What does solid communication look like? At Innova, it means we listen and participate WITH our patients. We will never leave you with unanswered questions. We will communicate your care of plan and all medications and necessary tests in a way that you understand so that you leave our office with peace of mind. If you have any questions, we will take all the time needed to ensure that you understand your circumstances.

For a health care experience that will surpass your expectations, connect with Innova Primary Care for your needs. You deserve a Huntsville physician who values transparency, competency, empathy, and excellence. We always put the patient first.

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