Are You Looking For A New Family Physician For 2020?

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January 2, 2020
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Are You Looking For A New Family Physician For 2020?

Family Physician

Now that the holiday season is over and the new year is upon us, many of you may be in search of a new family physician here in the Huntsville area. A family physician is uniquely trained to serve each family member with comprehensive care for the long-term. Family providers are specially trained and have several years of specialty training dedicated to primary care. The physicians and nurse practitioners at Innova Primary Care can provide care to everyone, from pediatrics to adults and geriatric populations.

Family physicians are capable of serving your entire family.

Family physicians play a unique and vital role in medicine because they take into account the whole person. Not only can they diagnose and treat severe and chronic illness, but family doctors also work in preventative care. Because you are with the same doctor year after year, a significant relationship becomes a reality. Family care providers also know when to call in specialists and serve as an anchor point between various providers.

Family Physician

When it comes to general practitioners, adults can choose between an internal medicine physician or a family doctor.

One thing we want to ensure is that you know the difference between an internal medicine doctor and a family physician. Both fall under the umbrella of primary care medicine, but there are distinct differences. An internal medicine doctor serves only adults. General internal physicians serve those over the age of 18 with acute and comprehensive care over the lifespan. Family medicine doctors serve adults and children and often provide gynecological services too. Innova Primary Care can help all ages.

One of the wonderful things about where we live is that you have no shortage of options for your healthcare needs. For the scope of today’s post, we are going to focus on family medicine. Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Choosing the right family doctor is a huge decision. One thing is for sure, you will not find success if you are with a provider you do not trust.

Over the last decade, Americans have increasingly lost trust in the institutions put in place to protect them. There is no doubt that we are a skeptical nation, and the same is true for healthcare. In a 2016 Gallop pole, less than forty-percent of those surveyed had a great deal of confidence in healthcare. What does that say about doctor-patient relationships that so many have lost trust in the care they receive?

Family Physician

Do you trust that your physician has your best interests at heart?

At Innova, our commitment to changing healthcare from the inside out means that one of our top priorities is developing meaningful relationships with those we serve. Relationships rooted in trust between physician and patient are the types we seek to cultivate.

A recent study gathering information on the patient experience found that twenty-five percent of those surveyed felt like their doctor did not care for them as an individual. One out of five patients felt as though their physician was not fully invested in their health. This has to stop. At the root of a successful patient-centered experience is trust. Trust must be the foundation from which physicians and patients interact.

Of course, you will never find a physician you trust of you don’t know where to look. If you do not know where to start your search, may we suggest you begin pursuit by considering the criteria below? These are practical ways to start your search for your new Huntsville family physician.

How do you begin the process of finding a new family physician?

Start with your insurance company
Your insurance company will have a list of in-network providers available to you. This is the best place to start your search because you will know for sure that the family physician you choose is in-network.

Most insurance companies have an online search available to find in-network physicians. If you find yourself frustrated with your search, you can always contact the company via phone for a live person.

Ask around
Ask the people in your life who they use as their family physician. Are they satisfied? Would they choose their physician again today? Consider this a fact-finding mission and gather as much intel as you can. An honest review of a provider provides fantastic information to assist in your decision.

Think Logistics
For many patients, convenience rules the day. When considering a medical practice, ask yourself if you mind driving across town for care? Do you need someone close to your office? Is it a challenge for you to get time off for appointments?

Do you need a health care provider closer to home or your child’s school? You will want to consider these things when you make your final decision.

Patient-centered medicine requires trust as its foundation. When you or a family member are sick, you need to know that your Huntsville family physician is capable and competent to provide the best care possible.

Innova Primary Care is grateful to all of our patients who have continued to put their confidence in our physicians and nurse practitioners. Without you, we would not be here. Because of you, our medical practice able to serve all of Huntsville and beyond. The trust you have put into our team means the world to us. For those of you in search of a new family physician this year, we hope you will consider Innova Primary Care.

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