Let’s face it: no one loves heading to the doctor for whatever reason. Whether it be due to illness or a yearly wellness exam, visiting your healthcare provider is never high on the list of things you love to do. At Innova Primary Care, we get it! We know you’d rather do many other things than visit one of our locations in Huntsville or Madison. However, your annual wellness exam is one thing we don’t want you to miss. Preventive screenings and wellness checks are some of the best things you can do to stay on top of your health.

If you are nervous about your upcoming annual wellness visit at Innova Primary Care, this post will put you at ease. We will describe what you can look forward to in the hopes of alleviating any anxiety you may feel. We believe that information is power and seek to empower our patients with information. When our patients know what to expect, they are better equipped to enter a visit with knowledge and purposeful questions that can serve their health.

Why do you need an annual wellness check?

What a great question! You might feel great with no health concerns in mind and wonder why you even need to visit your healthcare provider in the first place. Wellness visits aren’t for the sick, as you well know. The purpose of a wellness visit is to do preventive screenings and give you and your healthcare provider insight into your current state of health to prevent any underlying issues you may not be aware of. While you might feel in excellent health, there could be a health issue you aren’t aware of, and these preventive visits help you and your provider get on top of any potential issues.

Wellness visits provide an excellent opportunity for you to consult with your healthcare provider and ask any questions you may have. For example, perhaps there is a history of high blood pressure in your family. During your wellness visit, you can converse with your physician and ask about ways you can prevent this from happening to you.

Wellness Visit

What is included in my annual wellness visit?

We will check several things as a part of your annual wellness visit, and depending on your medical history, we may include more. For the most part, you can expect us to:

  • We will check your height and your weight.
  • Review your previous medical history and ask about any changes to your health within the past year, including any surgeries, changes in medication, etc.
  • We will ask you about any health concerns you may have and always leave time and room for questions and discussion. You don’t have to worry about being rushed during your wellness exam.
  • We will ask about your current medications, including any supplements you may take.
  • We will ask about any immunizations you have received within the past year.
  • We will also do a fasted blood test to check your blood sugar levels and triglycerides and general blood work to give us an idea of your internal health. These include a thyroid test if needed, a complete blood count test (CBC), and a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) or Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP), both of which give us insight into the inner workings of your liver, kidneys, and metabolic health.
  • We also do a screening for depression and any memory-related issues.
  • We will do a quick skin check to see if there are any changes.

How can I best prepare for my annual wellness check?

Leading up to your visit, you will receive an automated message from us alerting you to anything you need to do before your visit. We will let you know if you need to fast before your visit so we can collect bloodwork.

For your visit to go smoothly, we suggest you collect any health information and bring it with you. This includes a list of any medications or supplements you currently take, any changes to your health status, and any information you have from other specialists you see. These are the basics.

If you have any health concerns, we suggest you write them down and bring them to your wellness visit. We welcome any questions you have and are more than willing to spend as much time as necessary with you during your visit so that your questions and concerns are answered.

Age-related screenings and your wellness visit

One aspect of your wellness visit will involve setting up preventative screenings dependent on your age. There are tests you will need at certain ages, for example mammograms and a colonoscopy. We will ensure you have a referral for all of your preventative screenings to help you stay on top of your health. You can expect our team of medical professionals to assist you in finding the best fit for other screenings beyond the scope of your wellness visit with our office.

Wellness Visit

What can I expect after my wellness visit?

Hopefully, you recognize that Innova Primary Care is in the business of empowering our patients. After your wellness visit and any accompanying bloodwork, we always schedule a follow-up to discuss our findings. We never leave our patients wondering if all is well. We schedule a time to discuss any findings and tell you exactly where your health stands.

You might have heard “no news is good news” regarding healthcare. While this may be standard for some, we believe information is power. Our commitment to patient understanding is paramount, so we will always schedule an after-wellness check appointment to review any findings from your blood work. Rest assured.

We believe health is a partnership

Your annual wellness visit is a time to address any concerns and ask questions. Leave no stone unturned. Here at Innova Primary Care, we believe in partnership. We want to hear from you, and we want to listen to your concerns.

Annual wellness visits are a time to consult with your healthcare provider and grasp the current state of your health. We are here to serve you mind, body, and soul.