Think about the significant relationships in your life. What is it about the people who are closet to you that sets them apart from the rest? Perhaps they are great listeners. Maybe they provide a sounding board for your ideas and are honest about what they see in your life. It could be that they are incredibly sympathetic to your situations and in some instances, even empathetic because they too have walked the road you are on. We often surround ourselves with people who are like minded, who share our likes and dislikes, and are committed to us just as we are to them. With regards to health, research shows a strong connection between social support and our health.

These relationships are powerful because of the support they provide us in good times and in the bad.

Now, turn your attention to the relationships you have with the health care team you choose to partner with. How would you describe your patient experience? Patients often complain that they are rushed through their appointments. Many feel like their providers do not care about improving their health. Is this you? Do you feel like your medical team listens to you? Is your provider equipped to handle your personal needs? Do you feel empowered once you leave your appointment? If not, might we suggest that it’s time to seek out new care?

You need the support of your physician.

You probably don’t consider your primary care physician a close personal friend, but there are similarities in the patient-provider relationship that mimic your support system. There are analogous traits for sure, but there are also differences. For example, your health care provider has knowledge about your medical status that your friends probably do not. Your physician is specially trained in the medical field and able to bring this expertise to the table for your benefit. And, your health care provider can create a health care plan that puts into account all aspects of your life. There are noticeable parallels in these relationships and differences as well. One thing is for sure: Support stands out. You need a primary caregiver who supports you and puts your health at the forefront.

Every health care provider is different. Medical practices, like people, have distinct personalities. However, as the patient, you should feel like you have the backing of your care team. While offices vary from one another, every patient needs support from their primary caregiver to live a healthy life.

Primary Care Team

At Innova Primary care, support comes in many forms.

First and foremost, provide support through personalization. We place a high value on personal attention. We believe that the first step in transforming the health care system begins with personal attention to our patients. Why? Because every patient is unique. Every person who steps through our doors is a complex individual with a unique story. You are more than a diagnosis. We take the whole person into account, and this requires a personalized approach to medicine. What works for one patient may not for the other. We don’t believe that there is a one-size-fits-all answer to care. Simply put, your health is persona   l.

Personal attention requires relationship and the way we accomplish this is by assigning every patient a CNRP. Our care model ensures that our patients have appointment flexibility, availability, and access. You can develop a relationship rooted in trust and support with your CNRP because you see them routinely. You aren’t subject to random physicians at every visit.

When you arrive at our office, check-in is a simple process, and we don’t keep you waiting for hours on end. You will see your caregiver promptly. Your time is valuable. You also deserve our full attention during your appointment. This means that your provider takes all the time necessary to answer your questions and strategize with you for the best course of action for your needs. Because we are a patient-centered practice, we place a premium on your expectations and wishes. We create a plan of action that takes into account all aspects of who you are. This requires that we focus entirely on you when we meet — your time matters.

One of the other ways we strive to change this common patient experience is through the use of technology. When you have all of your health care data in one place, you don’t have to bother with keeping records of your own. We cover this for you. Every patient has an online portal that gives them access to their providers. Your portal offers detailed information about your current medications, lab results, medical records, any referrals made on your behalf, and billing info. All of this information is in one location for your convenience. You can even request an appointment and medication refills. Of course, our office and your primary team  are always a phone call away if you’d rather not use the portal. The support you need is in one location, making it easier for you to succeed.

Primary Care Team

Innova Primary Care is committed to changing the healthcare system from the inside out.

We believe that the current healthcare model simply does not work. One of the reasons for this is that many practices do not put the patient first. They do not provide the support necessary for their patients because their focus is somewhere else. Many providers may not know how to implement patient first strategies. We actively engage with our patients using CNRPs as primary caregivers because this allows us to put the patient first every single time. We know that you have questions that require more than a 15-minute slot to answer. We will always give you the time you need during your appointments. You won’t be rushed out. We use technology as a means to increase patient engagement and give you quick and easy access to your caregiver and records.

Relationships, personal, professional, and otherwise, require strong roots to survive. At Innova Primary Care, we strive to create a foundation based on mutual trust and respect. When you believe your primary care team wants what is best for you, you are a more empowered and compliant patient. In health care and in life, we need the support of others to thrive. Do you feel like your healthcare provider gives you the support you need? If not, contact us today.