Innova Recognized Through Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Circle of Care Innovation Award Program

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Innova Recognized Through Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Circle of Care Innovation Award Program

Innova Primary Care - Innovation Award

At Innova, we are constantly striving to improve the services we provide our patients. Everything we do is for your health and well being and in the end, that’s all the reward we need. However, it’s nice to get some recognition every now and again. Incidentally, we were just recognized through the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Circle of Care Innovation Award Program. We were awarded first place for improving the quality of patient care and satisfaction!

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Our innovative technology improvements

  • Installing electronic screens in all patient rooms to provide access to the patient’s medical record during visits, as well as provider and educational information.
  • Releasing a Net Promoter Score (NPS) tool that collects feedback on customer satisfaction.
  • Piloting a bidirectional Health Information Service Provider exchange for Traditional Care Management to receive discharge information directly into their EMR from the Alabama Health Record System.
  • Increasing patient portal usage.

Our team is excited to receive this recognition. “Being recognized with the Innovative Award is truly an honor,” said Dr. Brooke. “Thank you to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama for supporting primary care and supporting us to be innovative so we can continue to move healthcare forward.”

We Have Results You Can See

BCBS recognized the positive results of all our work:

  1. Reducing the need for urgent care and emergency room visits with the availability of same-day appointments and 24/7 on-call abilities.
  2. Improving patient care and lowering costs by reducing hospital readmissions and efficiently receiving discharge summaries.
  3. Patient engagement and convenience shows 94 percent of patient portal usage. Over 8,000 online appointments were scheduled, and 33 percent of patients installed the app.

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The impact of these improvements is very real. “Care Alerts are taking patient care to the next level of improved health outcomes,” said David Uptagrafft, strategy director at Innova. “Getting this information directly from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is much more timely and consistent than what we have typically received in the past from other sources.”

At Innova, our commitment to improving and setting a new standard of care is unwavering and we are excited about serving Huntsville in the future.



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