Physicians & Advocacy Can Heal The Healthcare System

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Physicians & Advocacy Can Heal The Healthcare System

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In America, physicians and patients alike have faced serious obstacles in healthcare such as rising costs, access to care and ever changing regulations at the federal, state, and local level. It seems like every year something new is proposed or implemented, but nothing ever seems to change. The one thing that is not up for debate is that what we have doesn’t work. The good news is, there are steps we can take for a better healthcare system. There are many medical experts already fighting to change the healthcare system for the better.


According to the Medical Economics journal from the ModernMedicine Network, advocacy is a key way in which doctors can become directly involved in addressing current healthcare issues. Advocacy means doctors taking action, politically or otherwise, to make change. In short, physicians can help facilitate change simply by sticking up for what they believe in.

Advocacy can lead to change

One example of how Innova actively works to benefit its patients and the healthcare system is by minimizing the influence of pharmaceutical companies, who can potentially be motivated by financial incentives rather than patient well being. This helps guarantee that the medicine and treatment received from Innova is all about the patient and not about the money.

In a post titled “Here’s how physicians can impact healthcare policies,” by Heidi Moawad for the Medical Economics journal, she says “a daunting concept for most doctors, changing policies can seem virtually impossible for busy physicians. But at the same time, it can be a vital step to improving the healthcare system within which doctors must work to help patients.”

In other words, many doctors are so busy that it is hard to advocate or change anything, but those who do step up for change can make lasting impacts. The article further states that advocacy can come in many forms. Some doctors try to influence policy on the local or state level. Others try their luck with Washington D.C. in attempts to achieve sweeping reforms.

Advocacy with the government

Do not lose hope

While attempts to advocate for change often do not seem to result in measurable outcomes, it helps lay the foundation for other would be reformers. Additionally, it gives other advocates a blueprint of what does or does not work.

However, advocacy does not have to mean going to a politician’s office or launching a campaign on social media. Advocacy can simply mean sticking up for what you believe is the right way to treat your patients which in turn could influence other physicians. Dr. Brooke Uptagrafft, makes it perfectly clear to the world what she believes is important and what needs to be done in the healthcare. Dr. Brooke understands the importance of having a “why” in her profession.

“I believe it is possible to have exceptional quality healthcare in our country at an affordable cost. I believe we can do this in Alabama. I believe it will take people coming together who also believe this with their mind, body and heart to get there. I believe healthcare is where I have been guided to bring renewal and restoration,” Dr. Brooke says in her blog. She further states that these healthcare goals can only be achieved by surrounding oneself with people who share similar beliefs who are all pulling in the same direction.

Innova cares for you

What should be the objective of healthcare? To keep you sick? Certainly not! Unfortunately when healthcare became a business, the objective changed for many. For a business to be ever increasingly more profitable, you need repeat customers and lots of them. In healthcare this means that the shortest path to profit is to keep you, the patient, coming back, ultimately to keep you sick. A medical model driven solely or primarily by profit fails if everyone is healthy.

At Innova, we see it differently. We want you to be as healthy as possible for the rest of you life. This is why we work so hard to advocate for change, to do healthcare differently for you, the patient. You will feel the difference the first time you walk into our office and by the time you leave you’ll be convinced; Innova cares for you!

Continue to explore our website and learn more about what Innova stands for while learning more about what each physician can do for you. Please feel free to contact us as well.


For more on the ModernMedicine Network’s views on how physicians can improve the healthcare system:

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