Innova Primary Care is proud to serve Huntsville and Madison with innovative healthcare that seeks to reform the healthcare industry from the inside out. We value all of our patients and take special pride in our ability to serve everyone. You may know us as your general medicine healthcare provider, but did you know that we also do so much more than check ups to help ensure your health and well-being?  We provide efficient yet thorough care from the moment you check in until you leave our offices.  If you’ve only come to Innova for your wellness check or are looking for a new healthcare provider who can do much more, read on to learn more about our offerings. 

The many ways you can receive care at Innova Primary Care

Before we dive into our offerings, we want to ensure you know how you can receive care from us. Of course, we have in-person appointments, but did you know we also offer Telehealth services?

2020 radically shifted how healthcare was done, and we have maintained Telehealth for our patients. Telehealth allows us to serve those who might not be able to get away from work or home responsibilities, and the standard of care remains the same for both Telehealth and in-person visits. These virtual visits allow us to do annual physicals, routine exams, and urgent sick appointments and are covered by insurance and Medicare. 

If you have not done so, please download the Healow healthcare portal. This secure patient platform allows you to access your medical records, send messages to your healthcare provider, request medication refills, conduct Telehealth appointments, and so much more. 

Check ups

Acute care at Innova Primary Care

There will undoubtedly be times when you need to see a healthcare provider on the same day. These instances are referred to as acute care, and Innova Primary Care offers same-day appointments for such times. 

Acute care appointments typically involve a sickness that pops up out of nowhere, such as an upper respiratory illness, the flu, strep, or other conditions that need immediate assistance. Rather than waiting an eternity at an urgent care facility where your provider is not aware of your patient history and might not take the necessary time with you to understand your condition, you can always call Innova and set up a same-day visit. We have providers for this type of situation and welcome your appointment.

We also assist those with injuries. If you have injured yourself somehow and do not require a visit to the ER, please call us first. We can get you in, see what is going on with you, and assist you rather than having you waste time and money at an urgent care facility. 

New patient visits at Innova Primary Care

We welcome new patients and now have offices in Huntsville and Madison to accommodate more people. Our commitment to time and quality service remains the same in both locations. New patient visits differ from annual wellness exams in that the purpose of these visits is to establish care and update your medical history. We also want to know when your last wellness visit was and determine any ongoing health needs you may have.

New patient visits allow us to gather information and create a baseline of care for you. If you have not had a wellness visit within the past year, we will schedule one for you at this appointment so that we can get up-to-date blood work and assess your health needs. 

Continuing care at Innova Primary Care

For those with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, we want to monitor your progress every 3 to 6 months to determine your needs and provide additional support. 

With these follow-up appointments, we can help you manage your chronic condition in several ways. 

We can assist with lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise to help you feel better. We will ensure that your medication is working for you; if it is not, we will adjust your medicine regimen. These appointments may involve blood work to check your numbers and see if they fall into a healthy range.

Check ups

Innova Primary Care now offers lab services

We understand that going for blood work is never fun and is often a challenge when you have to go somewhere else or receive results from an outside laboratory. This is why we are so excited to tell you that we now have an in-house lab at our Madison location. This is so important because now, when you have blood work done, we can process results within the Innova family, meaning you get a faster and more efficient turnaround. 

Specialty services at Innova Primary Care

In addition to new patient appointments, checkups, and lab services, Innova Primary Care can also assist those who need help with weight loss. We are NOT a medical weight loss clinic, but some of our patients are on medications to control diabetes, which may allow for weight loss. 

Additionally, weight loss, if needed, can also benefit many other chronic conditions, such as hypertension and joint pain.

We work with you to help manage any medications you are on and also provide lifestyle support. We can refer you to a dietitian for nutrition management and help you with exercise as well.

Minimally invasive procedures at Innova Primary Care

While Innova Primary Care does not offer surgery, we can assist with minimal surgical procedures such as skin tag removal and some joint injections, and cryotherapy is offered for warts and other skin conditions. 

We are here to serve you

You can see that we are a medical practice that seeks to do more than wellness checkups. We offer a wide range of services to help our patients, and when we cannot do so, we have a vast referral network to ensure you get the care you need. 

We want to see you living the best life possible. If you have questions or want to become a new patient at Innova, please get in touch with our offices today. We look forward to serving you.