1. How do I specify which location I would like to be my primary location?

When you complete the online application process, you will be asked for your preferred facility location when you are scheduling your first appointment.  We will assign your Facility and Care Team based on the preference you indicate.

2. I have a preference of who I would like my primary Care Team to be, how do I let you know that?

During the online scheduling process following online registration, you will be asked for the care team that you prefer, please select according to your preference if you have one.

3. What if I have an insurance that you are not in-network for? Can I still be a patient?

Of course!  You will be registered as a Pre-Pay patient indicating that we are not in-network with your insurance. This means you will be responsible to pay the amount for your visit up front.  On your own, you can submit a statement to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Unfortunately, we can make no guarantees regarding what amount your insurance company may be willing to reimburse you for. Our service fees are listed on our website so that you can know ahead of time what amount you will be charged.

4. I am not comfortable using the patient portal, can I still be a patient?

We do require you to have an active patient portal account in order to communicate with us effectively.  Some of our guests do not use the portal themselves but rather have designated a family member to communicate with us and that works just fine.  In addition, if you are a Medicare guest and qualify for our Medicare Nurse Navigator service, you will have direct access to your nurse navigator via phone and they are available to you throughout the week by phone for consultation.

5. What’s the easiest way to schedule an appointment?

Online! Anytime of day or night you can schedule your new patient appointment as well as routine or urgent care visits once you are an established patient through our website, just click the schedule appointment button on the home page. You will be able to specify which provider you would like to see and see availability that might fit your schedule. You can also see our Same Day appointments available for sick visits there as well.  You can also send us a message through your patient portal or can contact us via phone.  The online scheduling and patient portal are the quickest way to schedule an appointment and communicate with us.

6. I prefer not to have a payment method on file.  Can I still be a patient?

It is a requirement for our guests to have an active payment method on file to receive services at our office. Just as is common for gyms and other service industries, this is how we know who are our current active patients so that we can make sure we are caring for you.  We utilize a secure system where we do not have access to your payment method on file information. It is for this reason, your own security, that we rely on you to keep it updated. 

If you have additional questions and would like to be contacted by one of our team, please complete the form below. 

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