Patient Policies

Innova Primary Care is proud to serve as our patient’s Medical Home. Our goal is to exceed all of your healthcare needs by centering our practice around you. We have established a model of care that is coordinated across all of your doctors, comprehensive and individualized. We are focused on partnering with our patients to ensure your needs are met. Your Primary Care Giver is well versed in providing medical care that is right for you based on clinical guidelines shown to improve health.  We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Office Policies to be more aware of how we plan to accomplish these goals.

Healthcare Policies

Nurse Practitioners (CRNPs)- Dr. Brooke has 5 certified registered nurse practitioners (CRNPs) that are an integral part of our healthcare team.  Dr. Brooke oversees the patient encounter that they have with the patients at Innova.  The CRNP’s are able to perform yearly physicals, lab rechecks and same day sick visits.  Since the doctor’s schedule stays very full, the CRNP’s at our office enable sick patients to be seen with same day or next day appointments.  We refer to Dr. Brooke and her nurse practitioners as our healthcare providers.

Sick Visits- We want to be there when you need us.  We want you to call us to be seen for sick visits.  Since we already know you and your medical history, we feel we are most prepared to adequately take care of your urgent needs.  Our providers have designated slots in their schedules reserved for same-day or next-day appointments.  We suggest you call in the morning if you would like to schedule one of these appointments.   Please note that antibiotic prescriptions require an office  visit to ensure we are responsibly prescribing these medications.

Questions for our clinicalstaff – As your primary care provider, we recognize that you may commonly have questions or concerns arise that you need to speak to our clinical staff about.  Depending on the nature of your concern, this may be handled over the phone, through the patient portal or you may be asked to schedule an office visit to discuss this directly with one of our providers.  When you call or send a message through the portal, you can expect a response by the end of that business day.  Making sure we have accurate contact information for you will help avoid unnecessary delays.  The patient portal is generally the quickest way to receive a response back from our office.

Medication Refills- We will gladly assist you with medication refills as they arise during the year.  This is typically handled during your regular office visits.  If you require refills outside of an office visit, you may ask your pharmacist to contact us directly on your behalf and we will send your refill directly back to your pharmacy.  You may also send us a refill request through the patient portal.

Controlled Substances- We want to safely and responsibly prescribe medications that are sometimes used to treat our patients with chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, ADD/ADHD or other medical conditions.  Because of our standard to follow recommended guidelines for these medications we have certain policies related to patients who are chronically taking controlled substances.  At our providers’ discretion, you will be asked to sign a controlled substances contract.  In order to ensure we are safely prescribing these medications, refills are given at office visits only for certain controlled substances.  Failure to comply with the frequency of office visits required for you medications will result in you no longer receiving your prescriptions or may result in you no longer being a patient at our clinic.

Referrals- Because of the role Innova Primary Care desires to serve as your primary care clinic, referrals are not generally submitted without an office visit for the particular problem for which the referral is being made.  There are also often specific documentation and insurance requirements before submitting a referral which will be taken care of during your office visit.  Once a referral is submitted, you can expect to hear back from either our office or the office to which you have been referred within 3 business days.

After hours care- One of the providers at Innova Primary Care are always available for emergency consultation after hours.  No controlled substance prescriptions will be called in after hours.  The on call provider will help you determine if you need to be seen by our providers, go to the Emergency Room or if your medical issue can be handled over the phone.

Hospital Admission- Dr. Brooke is on the medical staff at both Crestwood Medical Center and Huntsville Hospital.  We use the hospitalists’ doctors who are experts in Hospital Medicine to admit our patients while they are in the hospital.  We have good relationships with these doctors and feel good about the care they give our patients.  We are able to view all test results that occur within these hospitals.  The hospitalists let us know when our patients are admitted and the treatment course they undergo while they’re in the hospital.   You will follow up with your provider at Innova Primary Care after your hospitalization.  We have elected to use this service for our patients because it ensures you are given quality medical care in the hospital, while enabling us to give our patients in the office our undivided attention.

Physicals- We recommend patients  > 50 years old have a physical annually.  For patients between ages 40-50; we recommend a physical every 1-2 years as needed based on your individual health.  For children ages 3-18 years old, we recommend an annual well child visit.  For patients ages 19-39, a physical will be scheduled as needed based on your healthcare providers recommendation.

Administrative Policies

Forms- We are glad to assist you with paperwork you need us to complete for you.  Please allow 3 business days for the form to be completed.  You will be notified when your form is ready to pick up.

Updating Demographic Info– Once a year, we will ask you to verify your demographic information to ensure we can accurately contact you and bill your insurance company on your behalf.  This is generally done at your physical.  We will ask you to update this information at the Kiosk in our lobby upon checking in for your appointment.  You will also be asked to update your HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) form once a year.  This is your opportunity to include or exclude any individual that you want to be able to receive medical information about you.  Because of state laws, this is applicable to any patient over the age of 14.  This means we are not legally able to give medical information out to parents unless the parents’ names are listed on the child’s HIPPA form when the child is over the age of 14.

Financial Business Policies

Copays- Copays are collected at check-in prior to your appointment with your healthcare provider.  Please come to your appointment prepared to pay your copay or deductible.  If you are not able to pay at the time of your visit, we will gladly reschedule you for a better time.

Laboratory Services – Innova Primary Care utilizes Labcorp and Crestwood Laboratories, with Labcorp located within our clinic.  It is the patient’s responsibility to know which laboratory their insurance company will allow them to use.  These labs are totally separate from our office and all services are submitted by the laboratory to your insurance company.  All additional lab costs are the patient responsibility and any questions should be directed to the chosen labs billing department.

Wait times- We strive to respect your time by avoiding long wait time at our office.  Our goal is for you to be roomed within 10-15 minutes of your appointment time.  While sometimes unforeseen events occur that affect our schedules, please let us know if you consistently have to wait longer than this. We ask that if you are going to be more than 10 minutes late to an appointment you notify our office.  If you arrive more than 10 minutes after your scheduled appointment time we will assist you in rescheduling that appointment.

Billing Questions– If you have a question or concern about a bill or statement you have received from our office, please immediately call our billing department to discuss this with them.  They are very available to resolve any issues or answer any questions you may have.  As you know how complex dealing with insurance companies can be, we ask you to please resolve any issues with our billing department as soon as you are aware of them.  Please be aware that we are not able to continue to provide medical care to patients who accumulate medical bills without payment.

Medical Technology

Patient Portal- Our online patient portal is a great way to communicate with our clinic.  You can request an appointment, request refills, send messages to our providers and staff and view your lab results online through a secure log in.  All we need is your email address to get you set up.  You will receive an email with instructions for how to set up your individual password to the portal.

Mobile App– We also have available to our patients a mobile app that is integrated with our electronic medical records called Healow.  It is available for download for free for the iPhone and Android systems within the app store.  It allows you to see your medication list, request refills, send a message to our doctor, request appointments, schedule medication reminders and keep up with your weight, BMI and blood pressure from your phone.

Additional Services

Weekend Hours– We want to be there for you when you need us, and we understand that demanding schedules make it difficult to schedule appointments during the week.  Our clinic is open on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. to better serve you and your family.  The provider working on that day is able to see patients for Annual Physicals, follow up labs, and sick visits.

Care Coordinator Services– Innova Primary Care is proud to announce the addition of a clinical Care Coordinator to assist our patients in achieving their healthcare needs and goals. Our Care Coordinator is available to help with prescription medication management, facilitate care with your other doctors, create an individualized care plan for your personal health care needs and provide health coaching to assist you in achieving your health goals. .  Our Care Coordinator will be reaching out to patients who qualify for this service.  If you would like to learn more about this service please call our office and ask to speak with our Care Coordinator, Kristin.